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Cookie Press And Icing 22 Piece Set In Luxury Box

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Create a variety of delicious baked goods and cake decorations with the Avanti® Professional Biscuit Press & Icing Set. Designed for professionals and amateurs alike, this 22-piece set comes with 13 biscuit shaped template discs and 8 interchangeable icing nozzles offering a wide variety of shapes and designs. It features a durable trigger operated dispenser with rack and pinion plunger that dispenses even amounts of icing or mixture, achieving perfectly formed decorations and consistent, evenly sized biscuits. The shape of the press and the easy-to-grip handle allows you the optimum accuracy when piping and decorating cakes. Complete with durable storage box this baking accessory is a handy tool for all bakers!

  • High grade stainless steel and heavy-duty plastic
  • Trigger operated dispenser with rack and pinion plunger
  • 13 biscuit template discs - aluminium
  • 8 interchangeable icing nozzles (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - stainless steel
  • Easy to use and durable
  • Dispenses even amounts
  • Components are easily separated for quick fuss-free hand washing
  • Storage container included
    • Use & Care

      • Twist ring on end of press in direction indicated on the cylinder to remove. Insert the selected biscuit cutter into the inside of the ring and twist back in place securely.
      • Press in the metal locking device (near the handle part of the cylinder) while pulling the knob back on the piston shaft.
      • Twist handle in an anticlockwise direction to remove handle and open cylinder for filling. Insert the biscuit mixture into the cylinder and twist handle back on.
      • Press on trigger handle until the piston shaft comes into contact with the mixture inside. Holding the gun upright and steady, place the press against a baking tray and press the trigger once to release the dough mixture. Repeat process for additional biscuits.
      • Twist ring on end of press in direction indicated on the cylinder to remove. Using the provided coupler, unscrew the adaptor and insert the selected decorating nozzle and screw back onto the coupler.
      • Insert the coupler into the inside of the ring and twist ring back in place securely.
      • Follow steps 2 & 3 from Biscuit instructions to add icing mixture
      • To release icing, press down the metal locking device and simultaneously gently press on the knob of the piston shaft.

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